the beauty of the early COMMUNITY OF BELIEVERS.

Start A House Church.


House Churches are where Church Projects start.

A Dinner Party becomes a House Church.

A House Church multiplies into more House Churches.

A group of House Churches becomes a Church Project.


Dinner Parties

A casual gathering over a meal with the intention of becoming a House Church.


The pathway to starting a House Church.

Dinner Parties are a great way to start a House Church. Gather around a table, share a meal together and have meaningful conversations. A Dinner Party isn’t a bible study or a church service, it’s a place where you can show the love of Christ through hospitality and community.

Have meaningful conversation about life and Jesus over a meal. If you’re interested in starting a House Church but haven’t identified a potential House Church Pastor, and just want to begin gathering a group of people together around a table, start with a Dinner Party.


House Churches

a small commuNITY of believers, identified by the structure & purposes OF the New Testament church.


The pathway to starting more house churches that will become a church project.

House Church is where true, authentic community happens. We saw it in the early church, and we can do it today too. House Church is where people are led by a pastor, where people give and meet each others needs, and where we study the Scriptures deeper together.

You don’t have to be a part of a church staff to pastor people. Apply to become a House Church, and if it’s the right fit, Church Project will supply you with everything you need to lead a House Church. From Sermon Videos, to commentaries, to discussion guides, we want to equip you to be the church where churches don’t exist or are not effective. Our hope is that House Churches ultimately multiply and become a Church Project in your city.


House Church is the epicenter of:

- teaching & discipleship
- discovering our gifts and serving
- encouragement, friendship and accountability
- meeting each other’s needs, prayer for one another

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Why start a House Church?

Because life is #bettertogether.

The church we read about in Scripture lived in incredible, powerful, intimate community. We think they did a great job, and we want to follow their model of meeting together.  

The 1st Century church met together by the thousands, but followed Jesus' teaching and example of community by living life together by the dozens. They gathered throughout the week by the dozens in House Churches. House Church is our primary vehicle for discipleship and community at Church Project. House Church is the primary context where people will be known by others and is what keeps our church community intimate and organic – no matter how large Sundays gatherings grow.

The early church addressed their gatherings to "the church who met in ____'s house", so we call ours HOUSE CHURCH

They met together young and old, so we meet together CROSS-GENERATIONALLY.

They met together GEOGRAPHICALLY, so we encourage people to find the House Church located closest to their home.

They met each other's needs, so we MEET OTHERS NEEDS within House Church  – not another benevolent model.

They studied the Scriptures, so we have SCRIPTURE-BASED STUDY.

Each House Church is carefully selected and led by a qualified, trained, accountable pastor from Church Project who oversees the teaching, leadership, and care of each individual in their House Church. 

Church Project is continually looking, praying, and planning to start other House Churches in strategic locations with strong, qualified leadership.